A Global Reach Requires a Local Perspective

In a globalized economy, the most successful companies are those who are able to most effectively communicate to their target audience. Building custom localization solutions for growing businesses is a major part of what we do at Linguistix Tank. Our global community of local language experts offers our clients a unique advantage in gaining expert insights into local language syntax and cultural anomalies that help generate market-leading content in every new city our clients enter. At Linguistix Tank, we help turn localization challenges into growth opportunities, and are able to give your brand the local edge it needs to successfully perform in each new market you enter. We offer a full-suite of localization services to help transform products in each new local setting.

Website Localization

As a first point of contact for many of your potential customers, your website and its content is a crucial piece of your success in a global marketplace. When your website fails to speak to a global audience, your company misses countless opportunities for new customer acquisitions. We help companies stay relevant in the global economy by developing website content that is both linguistically correct and culturally appropriate for multiple international markets. Work with us and start speaking to a global audience today.

Mobile App Localization

The rise in smartphones users across the world has continued to grow year on year, opening the way for mobile app developers to reach a much wider audience. However, tapping into these emerging markets can prove difficult due to language and cultural differences, as well as technical limitations in a given population segment. Therefore, it takes a special kind of localization process to bring your application into the global marketplace. At Linguistix Tank, we use our international community of local language professionals to modify and transform mobile applications into relevant technologies in each new setting they enter. These steps help ensure higher uptake and traction rates amongst your international user base.

Software and Hardware Localization

Localizing software and hardware takes a unique linguistic approach with a technical edge. We utilize a core team of localization engineers and our local language experts to translate necessary backend strings, identify product elements that can be further localized, re-engineer products according to more linguistically and culturally appropriate norms, and thoroughly test new products post-release. This proven process helps ensure the development of technically sound products strategically positioned to speak directly to specific target audiences.

Content Localization

From generating brand posters to creating employee-training manuals, our content development teams combine their local knowledge and technical skills to help clients develop a host of multimedia and branding content in new international markets. Core content services include: seminar presentations, PowerPoint presentations, product tutorials, advertising materials, employee manuals, and graphics localization.