Audio Transcription

Turning vocal utterances into clear meaning

With over 1,000 language professionals in over 25 countries around the world, we have the distinct capability to perform transcription work for nearly every topic, accent, and language one could imagine. We quickly turn unclear vocal utterances into meaningful words, and continue to help clients make more sense of the voice and audio data coming into their systems. Our streamlined process and talented teams consistently produce quality scores of 98% and higher, as well as meet production rates well above industry standards. When it comes to transcription, no sound can escape "The Tank". Every sound has a meaning; it just takes a special team to gather what that meaning truly is. Work with us, and start turning undefined sounds into insightful data.

Handwriting Recognition

Our teams can deduce and transcribe written texts from handwriting styles in every language.

Example Projects

In the past year we have helped transcribe words and phrases in the following languages and accents.